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Don Johnson is a developer relations manager for NVIDIA Omniverse. His focus is on enabling developers to innovate and digitally transform using Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD) and NVIDIA solutions. He has worked as a systems engineer, product manager, and product marketing manager across many industries in his career.
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Image of a livingroom with a couch that is partially dissolved into pixels.
Simulation / Modeling / Design

Spotlight: HOMEE AI Delivers AI-Powered Spatial Planning to Your Living Room

HOMEE AI, an NVIDIA Inception member based in Taiwan, has developed an “AI-as-a-service” spatial planning solution to disrupt the $650B global home decor... 7 MIN READ
Edge Computing

Evaluating Hidden Costs When Building or Buying an Edge Management Platform

Edge computing and edge AI are powering the digital transformation of business processes. But, as a growing field, there are still many questions about what... 8 MIN READ