Colin Barré-Brisebois

Colin is a Senior Software Engineer at SEED, a cross-disciplinary team working on cutting-edge future technologies and creative experiences at Electronic Arts. Prior to SEED, he was a Technical Director on the Batman: Arkham franchise at WB Games Montreal, where he led the rendering team and graphics technology initiatives. Before WB, he was a rendering engineer on several games at EA, including Battlefield 3, Need For Speed, Army of TWO, Medal of Honor, and others. He has also presented at several conferences (GDC, SIGGRAPH, I3D), and has publications in books (GPU Pro), the ACM, and on his blog.

Posts by Colin Barré-Brisebois

Technical Walkthrough 0

Video Series: Shiny Pixels and Beyond: Real-Time Ray Tracing at SEED

SEED, Electronic Art’s “Search for Extraordinary Experiences Divison”, walks through what they’ve learned about real-time ray tracing when they built the… 5 MIN READ