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Bryce Adelstein Lelbach has spent nearly a decade developing libraries in C++. Bryce is passionate about C++ evolution and is one of the leaders of the C++ community. Bryce chairs INCITS PL22, the US standards committee for programming languages. He is also an officer of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG21, the C++ Standards Committee. He chairs the C++ Library Evolution Group (LEWG); previously he chaired the C++ Tooling Study Group (SG15) and Library Incubator Group (SG18). He is also the program chair for the C++Now and CppCon conferences, and the chief organizer of the Bay Area C++ User Group. On the C++ Committee, he has personally worked on the C++17 parallel algorithms, executors, futures, senders/receivers, multidimensional arrays, and modules. Bryce works at NVIDIA, focusing on programming language design and evolution. He leads the CUDA C++ Core Libraries team and works on the NVC++ compiler. He is one of the initial developers of the HPX parallel runtime system. He also helped start the LLVMLinux initiative and has occasionally contributed to the Boost C++ libraries.
Bryce Adelstein Lelbach
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