Anjul Patney

Anjul Patney is a Principal Research Scientist in NVIDIA’s Human Performance and Experience research group, based in Redmond, Washington. Previously, he was a Research Scientist at Facebook Reality Labs (2019-2021) and a Senior Research Scientist in Real-Time Rendering at NVIDIA (2013-2019). He received a Ph.D. from UC Davis in 2013, and a bachelor's degree from IIT Delhi in 2007. Anjul’s research areas include deep-learning for real-time graphics, perceptual metrics for spatiotemporal image quality, foveated rendering for VR graphics, and redirected walking in VR environments.
Anjul Patney

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Computer Vision / Video Analytics

Predicting How Images Influence Visual Reaction Speed

Imagine driving along a road and an obstacle suddenly appears in your path. How quickly can you react to it? How does your reaction speed change with the time... 5 MIN READ