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Anupa Kelkar is the product manager for NVIDIA 5G Aerial converged radio access and edge compute platform. She has over 20 years of telecommunications and networking industry experience in software engineering and product management leadership spanning wireline, wireless, and satellite networks. Before NVIDIA, Anupa worked at Apple in incubation for AR/VR low-latency on-device, cloud, and edge-use cases, at Qualcomm in the connected cars (CV2X) ecosystem. And if you ever fly JetBlue, United, Continental, or Quantas, she was instrumental in the inflight broadband connectivity over satellite networks. Anupa graduated from University of California, Berkeley in electrical engineering and computer science.
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A 3D cartoon image of a factory floor with boxes on pallets, a worker with a clipboard, and lights targeting everything's location.
Edge Computing

Introducing NVIDIA Aerial Research Cloud for Innovations in 5G and 6G

NVIDIA introduced Aerial Research Cloud, the first fully programmable 5G and 6G network research sandbox, which enables researchers to rapidly simulate,... 6 MIN READ