Adam McLaughlin

Adam McLaughlin is a Ph.D. student in the High Performance Computing Lab under Professor David Bader at Georgia Tech as well as an intern for the Programming Systems and Applications team lead by Michael Garland at NVIDIA Research. His current research focuses on utilizing GPUs for fast parallel execution of algorithms that traverse unstructured network data sets such as crawls of the internet, road maps, or social networks. When he's not using grep he can likely be found listening (or better, karaoking) to post-hardcore acts (such as Dance Gavin Dance and Hail the Sun), reminiscing his days as a semi-professional poker player, or laughing at improv, sketch, and stand-up comedy.

Posts by Adam McLaughlin

Simulation / Modeling / Design

Accelerating Graph Betweenness Centrality with CUDA

Graph analysis is a fundamental tool for domains as diverse as social networks, computational biology, and machine learning. Real-world applications of graph... 14 MIN READ