Ahmad Byagowi

Ahmad Byagowi leads the precision time team at Meta. Prior to joining Meta, Ahmad was an academic. He received two PhDs, one from Vienna University of Technology (TUWIEN) in Electrical Engineering (Control Systems) in 2010 and a second from University of Manitoba in Computer Engineering in 2016. Ahmad has been active with the open compute project (OCP) and started the time appliances project (TAP) with his colleagues Elad Wind (NVIDIA), Michel Ouellette (Meta), Dotan Levi (NVIDIA), Oleg Obleukhov (Meta), and Georgi Chalakov (NVIDIA).
Ahmad Byagowi

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Data Center / Cloud

Open Source Time Synchronization Services for Data Center Operators

Applications are increasingly real-time and delay-sensitive, from distributed databases and 5G radio access networks (RANs) to gaming, video streaming,... 7 MIN READ