Aditi Bodhankar

Aditi Bodhankar is a developer advocate engineer at NVIDIA who works on developing various deep learning applications, especially those using the NVIDIA NeMo. She is equipped with experience in conversational AI and NLP since her internship at NVIDIA. Aditi holds a master’s degree from the University of Southern California.
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Posts by Aditi Bodhankar

An illustration representing NeMo Guardrails.
Generative AI

Building Safer LLM Apps with LangChain Templates and NVIDIA NeMo Guardrails

An easily deployable reference architecture can help developers get to production faster with custom LLM use cases. LangChain Templates are a new way of... 7 MIN READ
Decorative image of images and text being fed into a computer and resulting in a synthesized output.
Generative AI

An Easy Introduction to Multimodal Retrieval-Augmented Generation

A retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) application has exponentially higher utility if it can work with a wide variety of data types—tables, graphs, charts,... 12 MIN READ