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Expanding the NVIDIA DOCA Community for Developers in China

Developers in China will be able to leverage the DPU and DOCA Excellence center to program, develop, and test their BlueField DPU applications built with DOCA. 4 MIN READ
NVIDIA AIR automates digital twins to increase efficiency
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Maximize Network Automation Efficiency with Digital Twins on NVIDIA Air

Read about how NVIDIA Air automates your network through a digital twin to increase efficiency, and provides other benefits. 4 MIN READ
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Bringing Networking into View with the NVIDIA Air Marketplace

NVIDIA Air now includes the NVIDIA Air Marketplace—a collection of demos to get started building your network digital twin. 4 MIN READ
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NVIDIA DPU Hackathon Unveils AI, Cloud, and Accelerated Computing Breakthroughs

NVIDIA announces the winners from the second global DPU Hackathon. 4 MIN READ
DDOCA software consists of an SDK and a runtime environment
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Get Started on DOCA for DPUs with a Free Introductory Course

Learn about getting started with NVIDIA DOCA, along with how DOCA and DPUs help with the development of applications that accelerate data center services. 3 MIN READ
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Navigating the Global Supply Chain with Networking Digital Twins

Get started with infrastructure simulation in NVIDIA Air to stage deployments, test out tools, and enable hardware-free training. 4 MIN READ