NVIDIA Arm HPC Developer Kit

The NVIDIA Arm HPC Developer Kit is an integrated hardware and software platform for creating, evaluating, and benchmarking HPC, AI, and scientific computing applications on a heterogeneous GPU- and CPU-accelerated computing system. The kit includes an Arm CPU, an NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU server, and the NVIDIA HPC SDK suite of tools.

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NVIDIA Arm Scientific Computing Developer Kit

Key Benefits

The validated platform provides quick and easy bring-up and a stable environment for accelerated code execution and evaluation, performance analysis, system experimentation, and system characterization.

  • Delivers a validated system for quick and easy bring-up in familiar HPC environments
  • Offers a stable hardware and software platform for development and performance analysis of accelerated HPC, AI, and scientific computing applications
  • Enables experimentation and characterization of high-performance, NVIDIA-accelerated, Arm server-based system architectures

What's Included

Hardware Specification

ModelGIGABYTE G242-P32, 2U server
CPU1x Ampere Altra Q80-30 (Arm processor)
Memory512G DDR4 memory
Storage6TB SAS/ SATA 3.5″
Network NVIDIA® BlueField®-2 E-Series DPU, 200GbE/HDR single-port QSFP56, PCIe Gen4 x16, secure boot enabled, crypto disabled, 16GB on-board DDR, 1GbE OOB management

Software Support

  • NVIDIA HPC SDK —The comprehensive suite of compilers, libraries, and tools for HPC delivers performance, portability, and productivity.
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