Clang for NVIDIA Grace

An optimized build of LLVM Clang for the NVIDIA Grace CPU.

As a member of the LLVM community, NVIDIA provides optimized builds of the open-source LLVM Clang compiler to realize great performance, stability, and support for NVIDIA Grace™, as well as benefits that accrue to the broader set of products that comprise the Arm™ v9 ISA. This compiler package provides rapid access to the latest LLVM improvements for the Grace CPU, including the Arm® C Language Extensions (ACLE) for the Scalable Vector Extension (SVE) and SVE2.

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LLVM Clang compiler for NVIDIA Grace CPU

What’s in Clang for NVIDIA Grace?

NVIDIA contributes optimizations and enhancements to the open-source LLVM project. These and all other improvements for Grace and the wider AArch64 backend are tested, validated, and provided for use. This compiler is the fastest and easiest way to get cutting-edge performance, stability, and support for CPU application codes running on NVIDIA Grace using Clang.

Key Benefits


NVIDIA’s build of LLVM for Grace includes the latest LLVM enhancements for the Grace CPU so your application can realize its full potential.


NVIDIA tests these builds of LLVM on Grace and validates their compatibility with core NVIDIA technologies like the CUDA® Toolkit.


NVIDIA can resolve bugs and feature requests at full speed in this LLVM compiler.