TotalView Debugger


TotalView is a dynamic source code and memory debugger for C, C++ and Fortran applications. TotalView for CUDA allows Linux X86-64 users to debug both the CPU and GPU code in CUDA applications, using familiar TotalView GUI methods.

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The TotalView CUDA features on Linux-x86-64 include:

  • *New* Supports OpenACC directives
  • Debugging host and device code in the same session
  • CUDA running directly on Tesla or Fermi hardware
  • Linux and GPU device thread visibility
  • Full visibility to the hierarchical device, block, and thread memory
  • Navigating device threads by logical and device coordinates
  • CUDA function calls, host pinned memory regions and CUDA contexts
  • Handling CUDA functions inline and on the stack
  • Command line interface (CLI) commands for CUDA functions
  • Applications that use multiple NVIDIA devices at the same time
  • MPI applications on CUDA-accelerated clusters

TotalView reduces development time by eliminating compile-run-print cycles, simplifying the addition of complex features such as multi-threading, and identifying the trouble spots in applications.


For a risk-free evaluation of TotalView, please visit Rogue Wave Software

For more information about TotalView  and other CUDA tools: