NVIDIA Real-Time Denoiser - Early Access Program

This is a registered program available to a limited number of applicants. Please register or log in using your company email credentials to help us evaluate and grant access. We thank you for your patience as we ramp up this program.

The NVIDIA Real-Time Denoiser is a fast soltion that uses input signals and environmental conditions to deliver results comparable to ground truth images.

Key Features

  • Fast ray tracing denoising solution
  • NRD is designed to work with 0.5 or 1 ray per pixel
  • Native implementation of the NRD API using engine capabilities
  • Works with DX11, DX12, and Vulkan compatible engines on Windows 64bit
  • Currently supports the following signals:
    • Diffuse (with embedded ambient occlusion)
    • Specular or reflections (with embedded specular occlusion)
    • Shadows from an infinite light source (sun shadows)

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