NVIDIA Nsight Visual Studio Edition 5.5 is now available for download! Version 5.5 extends support to the latest Volta GPUs and Win10 RS3. The Graphics Debugger adds Pixel History (DirectX 11 and OpenGL) and OpenVR 1.0.10 support as well as Vulkan and Range Profiler improvements. This release also introduces new compute tools: The Next-Gen CUDA Debugger provides a seamless, homogeneous debugging experience for GPU+CPU debugging, while Next-Gen CUDA Profiler uses a command line interface to customize collection of counters, statistics, and derived values for given CUDA kernel launches. Customizable profiler results, including source, disassembly, kernel execution flowchart, and memory throughput, can be filtered, compared, annotated, and exported.

The screenshot shows the advanced features of Nsight Visual Studio Edition while debugging Ninja Theory’s Hellblade™: Senua’s Sacrifice, a Direct3D 11 game based on Unreal Engine 4.

Get an overview of the new features of Nsight Visual Studio Edition 5.5 and download it today!