NVIDIA® Nsight™ Graphics 2022.6 is released with the following changes:

Feature Enhancements:
  • The new NVIDIA Ada Lovelace Architecture based GeForce RTX 4080 (AD103) GPU is now fully supported. For more information about this cutting edge new GPU, click here.
  • We have improved the user interface for specifying various symbolics and source files when interacting with Nsight Aftermath crash dumps.
    • Clarifying text was added to the Search Paths section of the Options dialog to help users better understand what the paths are used for.
    • Links have been added to error messages so that you can go directly to the proper locations for updating paths and settings.
    • A progress bar now indicates the loading status of the symbol files.
  • The Shader Profiler has a new “Ray Tracing Live State” table.
  • Capture time for some D3D12 applications has been reduced by up to 25%.
  • We now link to the Nsight Perf SDK 2022.3 library. In making this change, the Nsight Graphics build has been changed to use the same version of the Nsight Perf SDK that is available publicly at the time of release.
Additional Changes:
  • This version of Nsight Graphics features a new icon and splash screen.
  • Added support for the following vulkan extensions:
    • VK_EXT_device_address_binding_report
    • VK_EXT_device_fault
    • VK_EXT_extended_dynamic_state3
    • VK_EXT_legacy_dithering
    • VK_EXT_mesh_shader
    • VK_EXT_mutable_descriptor_type
    • VK_EXT_pipeline_protected_access
    • VK_NV_copy_memory_indirect
    • VK_NV_memory_decompression
    • VK_NV_present_barrier
    • VK_NV_ray_tracing_invocation_reorder
  • The Range Profiler was deprecated in a previous release and will be removed in a future version. Please continue to use the ‘GPU Trace Profiler’ for advanced profiling and analysis.
Known Issues:
  • GPU Trace on Windows: CommandList timeline events may appear to be active for longer than their true duration, when in reality the underlying hardware queue was in a wait state for the initial portion of that time. This only occurs when Windows Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling is enabled. (3349328)
  • Under the Frame Debugger, Frame Profiler, or Aftermath, DX or Vulkan applications may encounter a driver crash when compiling shaders that use certain FP16 operations (relating to HLSL half, GLSL float16_t, or similar). The driver crash only occurs during shader debug-symbol generation, and does not affect the driver's core functionality. To work around this issue:
    • When using the Frame Debugger or Frame Profiler, under the launch settings' Troubleshooting Section, try disabling "Collect Line Tables". Disablement will result in the tool not displaying HLSL or GLSL source correlation. (3886151)
    • When using the Aftermath Crash Dump Monitor, do not enable the "Generate Shader Debug Information" setting. When using the Aftermath SDK with a DX application, do not use the "GFSDK_Aftermath_FeatureFlags_GenerateShaderDebugInfo" feature flag. When using the Aftermath SDK with a Vulkan application, do not use "VK_DEVICE_DIAGNOSTICS_CONFIG_ENABLE_SHADER_DEBUG_INFO_BIT_NV". (3872773)

For more details and known issues, please see the full release notes!

For an overview of Nsight™ Graphics and access to resources, please visit the main Nsight™ Graphics page.

NVIDIA® Nsight™ Graphics 2022.6 is available for download under the NVIDIA Registered Developer Program.

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