NVIDIA Maxine is a developer platform for deploying AI features that enhance audio, video, and add augmented reality effects in real time. Maxine’s state-of-the-art models create high-quality effects that can be achieved with standard microphone and camera equipment. Maxine can be deployed on premises, in the cloud, or at the edge.

NVIDIA Maxine is exclusively part of NVIDIA AI Enterprise for production workflows—an extensive library of full-stack software, including AI solution workflows, frameworks, pretrained models, and infrastructure optimization.

NVIDIA Maxine's AI features are chained together to enhance audio, video, and augmented reality effects in real time.

NVIDIA Maxine Benefits

State-of-the-Art NVIDIA AI Capabilities

NVIDIA Maxine offers world-class pretrained models for developers to deploy premium augmented reality, audio, and video quality features.

Real-Time AI Performance

Maxine includes accelerated and optimized AI features for real-time inference on GPUs, resulting in low-latency audio, video, and AR effects with high network resilience.

Complete AI Pipeline

Maxine offers a Developer Platform of complete audio and video enhancement pipelines of multiple low-latency effects chained together.

Multi-Cloud, Customizable Deployment

Maxine’s cloud-native microservices allow for flexible, fast deployment and updates.

Video Conferencing

The Maxine developer platform brings advanced features that are accelerated and optimized for real-time inference on NVIDIA GPUs, integrating AI effects seamlessly into video conferencing applications. Maxine offers audio and video quality improvements as well as augmented reality effects. These features include background noise removal, virtual backgrounds, live avatars, and much more. Maxine was designed to improve the overall quality of video conferences while making them more immersive and interactive.

Video Conferencing with Maxine

Content Creation

Transform your video editing workflow with state-of-the-art AI effects for high-quality audio, video, and engaging augmented reality experiences. Engineered for real-time production, the NVIDIA Maxine platform allows developers to seamlessly integrate advanced features that are pre-accelerated on NVIDIA GPUs. Experience the power of AI effects effortlessly integrated into your editing workflow, providing a range of capabilities for improved quality and enhanced creativity. Available as cloud-native microservices or Windows SDKs.

Maxine Early Access Program

This program is available to a limited number of applicants based on use case/deployment infrastructure fit. Please kindly note, we require a mutual NDA to be executed before granting access to participate in the Maxine Early Access Program, and we require the application to be under your organization's email domain.

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NVIDIA Maxine Builds on Powerful AI Products


NVIDIA Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) is a suite of technologies that help developers bring digital avatars to life with generative AI.

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NVIDIA Riva has real-time translation and text-to-speech capabilities


Explore technologies that integrate with Maxine’s modular, customizable, and scalable pipeline. To enable better communication and understanding, Maxine integrates NVIDIA Riva’s real-time translation and text-to-speech capabilities with “Live Portrait” photo animation and Maxine’s Eye Contact features.

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NVIDIA Maxine partner - LinguSocial
NVIDIA Maxine partner - Jugo
NVIDIA Maxine partner - Pexip
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NVIDIA Maxine partner - AWS
NVIDIA Maxine partner - GCP
NVIDIA Maxine partner - MS Azure
NVIDIA Maxine partner - OCI

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NVIDIA Maxine on Github

NVIDIA Maxine source code is available on Github.


NVIDIA Maxine is free to download for members of the NVIDIA Developer Program.

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