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CUDA Toolkit
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Deep Learning Institute (DLI)  
NVIDIA On-Demand Limited Access
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GPU Technology Conference (GTC)
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NVIDIA GPU Cloud [NGC] Catalog

** Hardware grants available for qualified educators and researchers

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Free NVIDIA DLI Course Options

Once you’ve signed up for the NVIDIA Developer Program, select your complimentary NVIDIA DLI course from the options below.

8 Hours $90 $0 Getting Started With Deep Learning
TensorFlow 2 With Keras, pandas
4 Hours $30 $0 Deploying a Model for Inference at Production Scale
NVIDIA Triton™ Inference Server
8 Hours $90 $0 Fundamentals of Accelerated Computing With CUDA Python
CUDA®, Python, Numba, NumPy
8 Hours $90 $0 Getting Started with Accelerated Computing in CUDA C/C++
2 Hours $30 $0 Essentials of USD in Omniverse
2 Hours $30 $0 High-Performance Computing With Containers
Docker, Singularity, HPCCM, C/C++
2 Hours $30 $0 Optimizing CUDA Machine Learning Codes With Nsight Profiling Tools
NVIDIA Nsight™ Systems, NVIDIA Nsight Compute
8 Hours $90 $0 Building Real-Time Video AI Applications
DeepStream, NVIDIA TAO Toolkit, NVIDIA TensorRT™
2 Hours $30 $0 Introduction to Graph Neural Networks
Deep Graph Library, PyTorch
4 Hours $30 $0 Introduction to Robotic Simulations in Isaac Sim
NVIDIA Isaac Sim™, NVIDIA Omniverse RTX™, NVIDIA® PhysX®, PyTorch, NVIDIA TAO™ Toolkit
3 Hours $30 $0 Synthetic Data Generation for Training Computer Vision Models
2 Hours $30 $0 Get Started with Highly Accurate Custom ASR for Speech AI
2 Hours $30 $0 Modeling Time-Series Data With Recurrent Neural Networks in Keras
Python, Keras
2 Hours $30 $0 Integrating Sensors with NVIDIA DRIVE
4 Hours $30 $0 Introduction to Physics-Informed Machine Learning with Modulus
8 Hours $90 $0 Fundamentals of Accelerated Computing with OpenACC
AI, GPU hardware and software

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