At Mobile World Congress (MWC), we explored how AI, machine learning, edge computing, and other cutting-edge technologies are transforming the telecommunications (telco) industry.

Enjoy some of NVIDIA Recorded Sessions by following the links below.

Use cases on the 5G Network platformJan Soderstrom, Ericsson
Beyond Communications GPU & AI Defined 5GJoseph Boccuzzi, NVIDIA
Run AI powered apps on the edge with Azure Data Box EdgeKundana Palagiri, Microsoft Azure
Sharpening the Edge: How edge compute is transforming Telecom ServicesArjuna Sastry Pandit, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Deploying AI Software at the Edge with KubernetesAdel El-Hallak, NVIDIA; Phil Rogers, NVIDIA
Auto Checkout Technologies for EveryoneSteve Gu, AiFi
Deploying AI to the edge with 5GJared Conway, NVIDIA
Advanced AI and IoT data analytics on the EdgeDamien Faure, ATOS
Socially Aware Robots On DeliveryMJ Chun, Postmates
Optimizing AI and Machine Learning to help retailers get game-changing advance in-store analyticsBoris Gokhman, AnyVision
5G and the EdgeRaheel Khalid, Verizon Envrnmnt
NVIDIA cuBB GPU Accelerated 5G vRANJoseph Boccuzzi, NVIDIA
Accelerating Azure ML at the edge using Azure Data Box EdgeSteven Goddard, Microsoft Azure
Virtual Network Function Acceleration with GPUsDan Teichman, Ribbon Communications
Enabling Intelligent Edge Micro-CloudsYaron Ekshtein, Iguazio
Giving 5G Networks the Edge in Smart CitiesSaurabh Jain, NVIDIA
Comparison of different hardware configurations for Edge InferenceYaming Wang, Supermicro
5G and Beyond: Extending Containerized Infrastructure to the Edge with GPUsJered Floyd, Red Hat
Enabling Telcos to Modernize and Monetize in the 5G, IoT and AI eraAmit Jain, Nutanix; Mahesh Patil, Nutanix
Deploying AI Software at the Edge with KubernetesAdel El-Hallak, NVIDIA
The SmartNIC Revolution for Efficient Cloud InfrastructuresAsh Bhalgat, Mellanox
Accelerated Retail Analytics on T4 GPUs in PowerEdge ServersMatt Scott, Malong Technologies
How to ensure a successful ML deployment in enterprisesUsman Sadiq, Cisco