NVIDIA AI Emerging Chapters

NVIDIA AI Emerging Chapters is a program targeting developer communities in emerging markets. With our program, NVIDIA will provide these communities the opportunities to build and scale their AI developer chapters, nurture emerging technologies and drive innovation.

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Gain access to NVIDIA software resources, technical tutorials, hardware seeding program and developer community best practices.


Learn new skills through our monthly training sessions and workshops. Meet NVIDIA experts to discuss your technical challenges.Certification opportunities to advance your career.


Introduction into Nvidia ecosystem. Co-marketing opportunities at GTC and other industrial events

Education Series

The Education Series is a monthly training series designed to engage and educate the emerging markets developer communities on Nvidia technologies, partner solutions, community best practices, and provide you the opportunity to meet fellow developers.

Nvidia technologies overview and Networking session

June 17, 8-10 am PDT

Welcome to Nvidia’s monthly AI Emerging Chapters Education Series! Through this series, we want to empower our community members with the latest AI knowledge and skills.

The session starts with a 1-hour lecture. We are going to guide our attendees on a journey into AI, present top use cases across industries and introduce how Nvidia technologies are fueling the AI revolution. In the 2nd half of the session, we will host a networking session and invite the community leaders to introduce their organizations to the broader audience.

Jetson AI Fundamentals

July 15, 2021

Machine Learning is moving to the edge. Nvidia Jetson family of modules is powerful enough to process ML workloads such as image classification, object detection, speech recognition, etc. locally. In this session, we will arm the developers with the Jetson fundamentals and help them get started with ML development on the devices.

Partner session: Jetson(s) powered AI use cases

Aug 19, 2021

Nvidia's Emerging Chapters Program has been working with the developer communities in Africa to identify key Machine Learning opportunities and nurture them. As a matter of fact, Nvidia Jetson(s) are already powering AI solutions on the Africa continent. In this session, we invited a couple of communities to present their real-world AI solutions.

Accelerated Data Science with RAPIDS

Sep 16, 2021

Data science is transforming every industry. Developers need to draw insights from a large volume of data in an efficient manner. However, traditional CPU-driven data science workflows can't scale up to meet the requirements. With the power of Nvidia GPUs and data science acceleration library RAPIDS, you can drive business decisions from collected data rapidly.

In this session, developers will learn how to build and execute end-to-end GPU accelerated data science workflows with pandas, scikit-learn-like APIs, and perform data analysis at scale.


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