NVIDIA Emerging Chapters

An education and technical enablement program targeting developer communities in emerging markets. With the Emerging Chapters program, NVIDIA provides opportunities to these developer communities to educate, build and scale their AI/ data science/ gaming/ content tech developer chapters, nurturing emerging technologies and driving innovation.

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Gain access to NVIDIA software resources, technical tutorials, hardware seeding program and developer community best practices.


Learn new skills through our monthly training sessions and workshops. Meet NVIDIA experts to discuss your technical challenges.Certification opportunities to advance your career.


Introduction into the NVIDIA ecosystem. Co-marketing opportunities at GTC and other industrial events

Emerging chapters programs are for developer communities and independent groups.
Are you an individual developer?
Access SDKs, training, invites to community meetups and technical resources for building applications on all NVIDIA technology platforms.

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Upcoming Webinars & Events

Emerging Markets at NVIDIA GTC21

Discover how developers in emerging markets around the world are using cutting-edge AI skills and tools to transform industries and drive meaningful change. Join GTC to learn new skills, and connect with a vibrant global developer community.

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Zindi Mozilla Luganda Automatic Speech Recognition Challenge

Oct 14, 2021

Mozilla, NVIDIA and Zindi have partnered to open a speech recognition challenge to African developers to build an ASR model to accurately recognize words spoken in Luganda. The top 5 solutions received before NVIDIA GTC (November) will win exclusive AI course vouchers. Evaluation criteria: WER (Word Error Rate).

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Commercializing African Innovation Forum

November 3rd & 4th, 2021

NVIDIA’s Kate Kallot will be joining eNubia’s 2nd annual Commercializing African Innovation Forum (CAIF) in partnership with the African Union and Association of African Universities for a panel discussion on scaling African Scientific Research and Innovations. This year’s forum will focus on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the ability to scale scientific solutions and innovations to solve challenges in Africa, and to improve African development and trade.

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NVIDIA Emerging Chapters Community Developer Meetup

Monday, Nov 8 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM PST

NVIDIA is hosting a virtual developer meetup at GTC for African developer communities. During this virtual session, we’ll have lightning tech talks from NVIDIA experts in Omniverse, computer vision, conversational AI and robotics followed by Q&A.

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Additional Resources

NVIDIA Spurs AI Innovation Across Developing Countries

Learn how NVIDIA Emerging Chapters program supports local communities in emerging markets to build and scale their AI, data science and graphics projects.


Investing in Developer Communities Across Africa

Python Ghana is a proud member of emerging chapters program sharing knowledge and resources for aspiring developers to build and scale AI expertise, nurture emerging technologies, and drive innovation.


AI Gone Global: Why 20,000+ Developers from Emerging Markets Signed Up for GTC

Dozens of startup founders from emerging markets shared their innovations. Community leaders, major tech companies and nonprofits discussed their work to build resources for developers in the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa. And hands-on labs, training and networking sessions offered opportunities for attendees to boost their skills and ask questions of AI experts.


Edge Computing in Ethiopia – A Quest for an AI Solution

It was one year ago in a random conversation that a friend told me about a piece of hardware in excitement. At that point I never imagined how the conversation would have the potential to impact my life.


Tongues United: DataSet Starts Global Dialogue in Conversational AI

A startup is automating COVID-19 information services in East Africa thanks to Mozilla Common Voice, a free public dataset supported by NVIDIA.


AI Fueling A Technological Revolution in Africa

A keynote at AI Expo Africa by NVIDIA’s Head of Emerging Areas, Kate Kallot highlighted how the AI revolution is underway in emerging areas.



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