Kernel Modules and Limitations

NVIDIA modifies the Linux defconfig to build many drivers as modules, which reduces boot time. The following list shows examples of such modules. Kernel image update requires updated modules from the same build; hence, mixing and matching between kernel/module builds shall result in unpredictable behavior. NVIDIA-provided rootfs (Ubuntu/Yocto) support auto-insmod of all required modules.

Example Supported Auto-Insmod Modules

  • eqos_ape
  • saf775x_hwdep
  • rndis_host
  • atmel_mxt_ts
  • bluetooth
  • snd_soc_tegra_alt_t186ref_p2382
  • spidev
  • mttcan
  • bluedroid_pm
  • can_dev
  • bcmdhd
  • spi_tegra186_qspi
  • spi_tegra114
  • serial_tegra
  • pci_tegra

Modules Not Supporting Multiple Insmod

The following modules, however, do not currently support multiple insmod:

  • pci_tegra
  • bcmdhd