NVIDIA believes in extending our University investment to include support of teaching, research, and advanced education.  The CUDA Teaching Center Program is designed to support and encourage teaching establishments to include GPU Computing using CUDA C/C++ as part of their course offerings.  To help facilitate this teaching effort, NVIDIA may grant equipment, funding and course material assistance.

Participation in this program provides additional exposure via NVIDIA’s marketing and general web presence, and opens up future opportunities for further NVIDIA sponsored programs, such as the CUDA Center of Excellence and CUDA Research Center Programs.


  • Designate the University as a CUDA Teaching Center.  The University and each course including GPU Computing using CUDA C/C++ will be identified on NVIDIA’s website to help students find Universities which provide training for CUDA C/C++.
  • Donate CUDA enabled GPUs to be installed in teaching lab computers making it possible for students and other members of the University community to have direct access to CUDA enabled systems for hands-on experience of CUDA C/C++ development, debugging and experimentation.   This initial teaching kit consists of (1) high-end GPU for timing and benchmarking and (2) CUDA-capable GPUs for teaching. These GPUs will be of our choosing.
  • Host webinars for CUDA related programming from experts in various aspects of optimizing performance.
  • Make available teaching support materials and courseware in the form of podcasts, doc files, power points, lectures and problem assignments sets.  NVIDIA will optionally provide up to (10) copies of the Programming Massively Parallel Processors book authored by David B. Kirk & Wen-mei W. Hwu. Must be requested in the proposal to be considered.
  • Optionally award teaching assistant funds.  These funds will be awarded at 50% matching funds and must be requested in the proposal to be considered. Not all requests for TA funds will be approved.
  • Automatically include the center in the Centers Reward Program, providing special pricing on NVIDIA equipment (limits and exclusions apply). Check with an NVIDIA OEM and Tesla Reseller for the special pricing.

Universities selected as CUDA Teaching Centers are expected to:

  • Include CUDA C/C++ as a substantial portion of the curriculum in any graduate or undergraduate level recurring course on parallel programming.  Seminars do not qualify for this program.
  • Provide occasional CUDA training available to other members of their University community.  (Example:  graduate students and professors in other disciplines or departments).
  • Encourage the active use of the CUDA training lab so that it is continuously booked.
  • Keep NVIDIA informed of all major scheduling and course changes relating to the CUDA training courses.
  • Provide a letter of commitment from the dean or department head (on official letterhead, please) stating the university's intention to include CUDA C/C++ as a substantial portion of a recurring course.
  • Provide a course summary on what worked, what didn’t, recommendation for improved course, course materials, etc.
  • Help improve the state of parallel computing education by providing feedback, for example:   a course summary on what worked, what didn't, recommendation for improved course, course material, etc.
  • No overhead or fees attached to any equipment or TA Matching fund awards incurred.

Application Process
Please submit a 1-3 page PDF or word proposal to TeachingCUDA@nvidia.com.  Proposals will be reviewed and announced on a quarterly basis and should include the following information:

  • Full Contact information including mailing address, phone number and PI contact name. Proposals missing contact information will be automatically rejected.
  • Details of courses which will include CUDA C/C++ (course name, number, URL, approximate number of lectures/assignments/projects/etc through which students are exposed to CUDA C/C++, and any additional relevant information).
  • Description & Specifications of PC’s in proposed CUDA teaching lab.
  • Matching funds proposal and budget outline for teaching assistant, graduate student or equivalent or any books requested (if applicable).
  • A letter from the Dean or Dept Head stating in good faith that the course will include CUDA C/C++ and be a recurring part of the curriculum.

We are currently reviewing submissions and will contact the PIs as soon as the review is complete.  The next review will be mid-April, application deadline is April 2, 2015.

See our current list of Worlwide CUDA Teaching Centers

If you have any questions about the program or the status of your application, please email us at TeachingCUDA@nvidia.com.