In conjunction with the latest NVIDIA® SHIELD™ update, Tegra Android Development Pack 2.0r6 provides same-day support for the powerful SHIELD game development tools, including Tegra Profiler, Nsight Tegra and PerfHUD ES.

Tegra Android Development Pack (TADP) is a suite of SDKs, developer tools, drivers and OS images bundled in a single package to help simplify setting up and managing an Android development environment. In addition to support for the latest Tegra SOC in mobile computing, NVIDIA Tegra® 4 which powers the NVIDIA® SHIELD™, TADP 2.0r6 adds the following updates.

  • Support for SHIELD OTA Update 63
  • Bug fixes and general improvements to Tegra Profiler and Nsight Tegra
  • Updated OS images for Tegra Development Kit Platforms (Dalmore, Pluto, Ceres).

To get started developing for NVIDIA SHIELD, head over to HOW TO: Getting Started on SHIELD development for detailed instructions on setting up your development environment and installing the tools necessary to develop apps for NVIDIA SHIELD.

Learn more about and download Tegra Android Development Pack at NVIDIA Developer Zone.

-- NVIDIA Developer Tools Team