NVIDIA has released a new VRWorks-enabled branch of Unreal Engine, adding support for new Pascal VRWorks. With this branch, Unreal developers can now easily take advantage of features including Lens Matched Shading, Single Pass Stereo, VR SLI and Multi-res Shading.

Lens Matched Shading uses NVIDIA Pascal hardware features to improve upon Multi-Res Shading, ensuring frame buffer and display pixel rates are matched for optimum performance.

Single Pass Stereo, another Pascal exclusive, reduces geometry bandwidth by 50% resulting in useful performance improvements on CPU and GPU.

VR SLI lets developers take advantage of multi-GPU systems for peak performance.

The VRWorks 4.12 Graphics branch of UE4 is available to anyone with a UE4 Github subscription. Find out more and get started here.

Learn more about VRWorks here.