NVIDIA has released the new VRWorks SDK V2.4 for application and headset developers along with the NVIDIA display drivers 384.76(Windows) & 384.47(Linux).

The driver is available for download at: https://www.nvidia.com/download/index.aspx and the SDK has been posted at https://developer.nvidia.com/vrworks.

Release Highlights

  • Added sample application demonstrating the new feature DX11 Late Latch. VRWorks DX11 Late Latch functionality provides the GPU with the most up-to-date tracking data available at the start of a frame render, thus reducing overall motion-to-photon latency. The dynamic latching mechanism that updates the tracking data is completely transparent to the GPU shaders. DX11 Late Latch is supported on Win7 onwards. Note: Late-latching also needs to be supported by the HMD run-time software. For NVAPI usage details and parameters please refer to: NVIDIA Late Latch Programming Guide.
  • Updated DirectX VR SLI and Multi-Projection samples to handle multi-adapter scenarios.
  • Updated VR SLI sample application to demonstrate the use of shared handle constant buffer path which allows constant buffers to be referenced with a single API handle, but contain per-GPU data.
  • Updated Direct Mode for Vulkan (Linux) sample to remove the dependency on LunarG SDK [Note: The usage of this sample requires Linux driver 384.47 or later]
  • Updated Vulkan Interop (interop_vk) sample to use the ratified VK_KHR_get_physical_device_properties2 extension replacing the deprecated extension VK_KHX_get_physical_device_properties2.

Please reach out to us at vrsupport@nvidia.com for any questions or feedback.