The votes are in and we are happy to announce that Pug Putt is the winner of our first ever VR Funhouse Mod Contest!

Pug Putt narrowly beat out Stranded with Zombies and Batting Center in second and third places respectively.

A huge thank you to the brave individuals and teams that entered The VR Funhouse Mod Contest to create mods for VR Funhouse. The mods were all incredibly fun to play, and everyone truly did an awesome job! You can check out all of the mods for VR Funhouse on our Steam Workshop page here.

1st Place: Pug Putt by Hector M, Renee C, & Kevin M

Feed the pug with your crazy golf skills. Everyone loves mini-golf, but throw in an adorable pug pup and it’s even better!

Check it out on Steam Workshop here.

2nd Place: Stranded with Zombies by DoubleP90

Zombies, thousands of them. How long can you survive before the undead come for you? Find out in this survival shooter created in less than 20 hours!

Check it out on Steam Workshop here.

3rd Place: Batting Center by Malony

Perfect your swing with this batting cage mod! With fully tunable settings this mod helps you get ready for baseball season, but don’t strike out!

Check it out on Steam Workshop here.

Interested in modding VR Funhouse?

Even if you didn’t get a chance to participate in the contest, download the VR Funhouse Mod Kit to create your own mods and share them with the world! If you are new to creating VR experiences using Unreal Engine, check out our training videos.