The CUDA architecture has the performance to do amazing video and media processing. To help you develop powerful applications without having to re-implement the essential algorithms, NVIDIA and its partners provide solutions to get you up and being productive at lighting speeds.


MainConcept™ CUDA H.264/AVC Encoder SDK

The MainConcept™ CUDA H.264/AVC Encoder SDK enables developers of video applications and system solutions to take advantage of the parallel processing power of NVIDIA GPUs to deliver much faster video encoding than possible on CPUs alone. It allows transcoding from MPEG-2, VC-1, H.264/AVC elementary streams, and raw frames into the H.264/AVC Baseline and Main Profile formats. Using the MainConcept CUDA H.264/AVC Encoder SDK, the entire H.264/AVC transcoding process is done on NVIDIA GPUs, except for entropy encoding which is done on the CPU. The MainConcept CUDA H.264/AVC Encoder supports any NVIDIA GPU with CUDA compute capability 1.1 and later for transcoding.

Please contact MainConcept for more information on the CUDA H.264/AVC Encoder SDK.

NVIDIA provides video encoding and decoding APIs as part of the CUDA SDK to enable system and software developers to accelerate performance on NVIDIA GPUs with CUDA. The APIs and documentation are available as part of the CUDA SDK Code Samples.

NVIDIA CUDA Video Encoder
The NVIDIA CUDA Video Encoder (NVCUVENC) API enables developers to efficiently process H.264 video encoding on NVIDIA GPUs with CUDA. It is compliant with AVC/H.264 (MPEG‐4 Part 10 AVC,
ISO/IEC 14496‐10).

NVIDIA CUDA Video Decoder
The NVIDIA CUDA Video Decoder (NVCUVID) API gives developers access to hardware video decoding capabilities on NVIDIA GPUs with CUDA. The actual hardware decode can run on either Video Processor (VP) or CUDA hardware, depending on the hardware capabilities and the codecs. This API supports the following video stream formats for Linux and Windows platforms: MPEG-2, VC-1, and H.264 (AVCHD).


NVIDIA White Paper
Video Capture, Encoding, and Streaming in a Multi-GPU System