Try a GeForce® GTX Titan and Take Full Advantage of CUDA® 5 Development Features

Develop high performance CUDA code on NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX Titan GPU, the ultimate CUDA® development GPU. It brings the technology powering the Titan Supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to developers around the world.

With full CUDA 5 development features supported, not only can you have amazing gaming experiences with the GeForce GTX Titan GPU, you also get innovative technology found in the Kepler architecture like:

  • Dynamic Parallelism capability that enables GPU threads to automatically spawn new threads. By adopting to the data without going back to the CPU, it greatly simplifies parallel programming. It also enables GPU acceleration of a broader set of popular algorithms like adaptive mesh refinement (AMR), fast multipole method (FMM), and multigrid methods.
  • Hyper-Q feature that enables multiple CPU cores to simultaneously utilize the CUDA cores on a single Kepler GPU. This dramatically increases GPU utilization, slashes CPU idle times, and advances programmability – ideal for cluster applications that use MPI.

The GeForce GTX Titan GPU also delivers more than a teraflop of double precision performance to maximize your application performance, as well as 6 GB of memory to enable CUDA applications with large data sets. Visit the product page to see complete specs and how to purchase.

Start developing on GeForce GTX Titan, and deploy at supercomputer scale with Tesla® GPU clusters!