The Tegra® K1 CUDA® Vision Challenge

The NVIDIA® Jetson TK1 DevKit is a full-featured platform designed to unleash GPU computing power for embedded applications.

Based on the same Kepler computing core that is powering some of the world’s fastest supercomputers, the Jetson TK1 DevKit is built around the revolutionary Tegra K1 SoC to maximize performance of embedded applications. 

Of approximately 400 submissions, we had to choose only
50 winners. 

From Apple to Honda, robots to restaurants, and Ph.D.s to high school sophomores, the Jetson TK1 offers limitless possibilities in mobile visual computing.

We can’t wait to hear how these projects proceed. We’ll be collecting results as early as September with final results expected to be announced on Nov. 28, 2014.

Five of the most innovative results will be featured at the 2015 GPU Technology Conference!

Top 50

Name Company/Institution
Billy Wu University of Illinois at Chicago
Heechul Yun University of Kansas
Kumar Kartikeya RetailNext, Inc.
Marcel Isler TerraMajic
Joe Churchwell San Diego State University
Jonathan Hurst Hurst Design
Vincent Spinella-Mamo MamoTIP, LLC
Victor Ng-Thow-Hing Honda Research Institute USA
Anson Biggs Hub Grill and Bar
Douglas Berry Individual
Tyler Weaver Colorado School of Mines
Natalia Frumkin Spartan Robotics
Ali Pouryazdanpanah Kermani University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Benson Ma Apple Inc.
Silvio Rabello Nanometrics Inc.
D iZhao Ohio State University
Aaron Halstead Self
Dan Mathis FutureBots
Michael Foley Georgia Tech
Michael Choi University of Iowa
David Cofer NeuroRobotic Technologies, LLC
Thomas Clark SeaLark Software, LLC
Nagasrikanth Kallakuri Carnegie Mellon University
Tim Field Abound Labs
Alexei Ivanov Verbumware Inc.
Wai Yung Johnson and Wales University
Robert Mullins Tennessee Tech University
Abhinav Dasari University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Michael Quinn This will be a personal/hobby project
Ethan Engels CDI Engineering
Austin Briggle ITT Technical institute
Dan Robinson Burnage Hall Inc.
Harrison Kinsley Sentdex
James Hutchinson Skyhighatry Designs
Stewart Whitman Self-Employed
David Greene Howard University
Jonathan Stivers International Medair Products
Benzun Pious Wisely Babu Worcester Polytechic Institute
Matthew Warmuth General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems
Natalia Psakhye Elecard Devices LLC
Ayman Hendawy consultix
Sevin Straus Knowledge Fusion, LLC
Maria Pantoja Santa Clara University
Junzhu Guo University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Heather Harrington The Ellis School / Carnegie Mellon University
Venkatesan Muthukumar University of Nevada Las Vegas
Jung Suh KLA-Tencor
Velin Dimitrov Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Alex Wilson Brigham Young University
Vishal Kumar Sarsani Indiana University
Brandon Beall University of Akron
Guru Subramani University of Wisconsin - Madison