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SIGGRAPH 2019: Real Time Rendering and Raytracing on the Edge

Raheel Khalid, Verizon
With NVIDIA Omniverse, teams can interactively work together to create, animate, and render 3D worlds using industry-standard creative software. Join our session to see what’s new and explore the modules that make up Omniverse and how they create a seamless experience for end users. This will be an interactive session with live demonstrations of real-time collaborative ray tracing on USD content. Overview:  Understand the creative workflows that can be used in Omniverse  Learn about the modules and open technologies—such as USD, Hydra, Material Definition Language (MDL), and PhysX—that NVIDIA has integrated to create the platform  Know how to engage with the community to influence the Omniverse roadmap  Live QA with key architects of Omniverse technology.

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