NVIDIA Riva Studio - Early Access

NVIDIA Riva Studio is a no-code service that simplifies and accelerates the creation, customization, and deployment of enterprise speech AI applications.

NVIDIA Riva Studio helps you to create an AI clone of your voice, using only 30 minutes of audio recordings with a no-code approach. Early access to NVIDIA Riva Studio is limited to developers working on text-to-speech.

To apply, provide details about your use case by completing the short application. Please note that you must be a registered NVIDIA Developer to join the program and log in using your organization's email address. We cannot accept applications from accounts using Gmail, Yahoo, QQ, or other such email addresses.

Please note that we require a mutual NDA to be in place before granting you access to participate in the NVIDIA Riva Studio early access program.

Please answer and submit the survey questions to be considered for the NVIDIA Riva Studio early access program

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