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The NVIDIA Nemotron-3 8B family of models is optimized for building production-ready generative AI applications for the enterprise. The Nemotron-3 8B base, chat, and aligned models can be customized with various techniques, including domain-adapted pretraining, SFT, LoRA, SteerLM, and p-tuning using the NVIDIA NeMo™ framework.

Model Variant Key Benefits
Base Nemotron-3-8B-Base Enables customization, including parameter-efficient fine-tuning and continuous pre-training for domain-adapted LLMs
Chat Nemotron-3-8B-Chat-SFT A building block for instruction tuning custom models or user-defined alignment, such as RLHF or SteerLM models
Nemotron-3-8B-Chat-RLHF Best out-of-the-box chat model performance
Nemotron-3-8B-Chat-SteerLM Best out-of-the-box chat model with flexible alignment at inference time
Question-and- Answer Nemotron-3-8B-QA Q&A LLMs customized on knowledge bases

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