MWC 2019: Enabling Telcos to Modernize and Monetize in the 5G, IoT and AI era

Amit Jain , Nutanix; Mahesh Patil, Nutanix
mwc 2019
The advent of 5G technology, growth of IoT devices and the rise of computer vision and AI algorithms are all catalysts to digital transformation, be it for telecom or for enterprises in Retail, Manufacturing, etc. For customers, deriving value from this massive amount of data at the edge is rife with latency issues, lack of scalability, compliance and privacy issues arising out of processing it all in the cloud. Edge computing is needed to process data and produce meaningful insights in real-time and telco edge is best suited for this. However, operationalizing Machine Learning and Analytics at distributed telco edge scale is a difficult and complex problem. And it’s not necessarily an AI, but the intersection of AI and Systems problem. We will talk about modernizing telco edge to reduce TCO through VNF and CNCF constructs as well as the monetizing capability through EGX stack powered by Nutanix Xi IoT. The solution will bring enterprise-grade, 1-click deployment and secure management of the NGC (Nvidia GPU Cloud) containerized apps on the Telco edge as well as the infrastructure lifecycle management at scale. Further, we will share some real-world deployment use cases.