Metropolis For Factories

Accelerated computing and AI are creating incredible factory floor efficiency opportunities for practically every manufacturer. NVIDIA Metropolis for Factories is a collection of factory automation AI workflows powered by vision AI. These workflows let industrial solution providers and manufacturers develop, deploy, and manage customized AI solutions that save cost, improve production throughput, and make factories safer.

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An architectural diagram that explains NVIDIA Metropolis for Factories

NVIDIA Metropolis for Factories workflows start with AI model training that combines transfer learning through NVIDIA TAO with synthetic data generation using NVIDIA Omniverse Replicator. Complete end-to-end applications can be created that combine sensor and storage management, vision pre-processing, and AI inference, all the way to complex data analytics and data dashboarding. It’s all available in a single cloud-native platform, with resulting apps that can be deployed from the enterprise edge to the cloud.

Why It Matters

NVIDIA Metropolis for Factories supercharged accuracy

Supercharged Accuracy

Deliver high perception accuracy for AI solutions in factories.

NVIDIA Metropolis for Factories offers and end-to-end workflow

End-to-End Workflow

Simplify model and pipeline optimization.

NVIDIA Metropolis for Factories can be customized for your use case

Customizable Use-cases

Get AI assistance for practically any defect or inspection process.

NVIDIA Metropolis for Factories is cloud-native

Cloud-native Architecture

Streamline scaling and managing applications with a cloud-native solution.

NVIDIA Metropolis for Factories can be deployed from factory’s enterprise edge to any cloud

Flexible Deployments

Deploy from factory’s enterprise edge to any cloud.

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