NVIDIA Maxine - Early Access Program

This is an early access program available to a limited number of applicants based on use case/deployment infrastructure fit. Please kindly note, we require a mutual NDA to be executed before granting you access to participate in the Maxine Early Access Program, and we require the application to be under your organization's email domain.

The Maxine Early Access Program is best suited for application developers from the following segments:

  • Providers of video conferencing, unified communications solutions or communication services
  • Providers of video streaming platforms or content delivery platforms
  • Application developers or content creators who would like to use microservices and/or SDKs to integrate with client side applications
  • Or generally, if you'd like to integrate Maxine features into your backend infrastructure or client side software applications

Please apply to become a member of the program by checking the license agreement box below, then clicking the “Join now” button and completing the form. Note that you must be a registered NVIDIA developer in order to join the program.

This early access program includes Maxine’s new cloud-native Audio Effects Microservice and Maxine SDKs.

  • Maxine Audio Effects Microservice - features include:
    • Audio Super Resolution
    • Acoustic Echo Cancellation
    • Noise Removal
    • Room Echo Removal
  • Maxine Early Access SDKs
    • New Audio Effects SDK feature: Speaker Focus ( Removes non-active speaker voices by separating the audio tracks of foreground and background speakers.)
    • Linux version of the Augmented Reality SDK
I agree to the terms of the NVIDIA Maxine Early Access License Agreement.