Isaac Gym - Now Deprecated

Note: This is legacy software. Developers may download and continue to use it, but it is no longer supported. Please consider using Isaac Lab, an open-source lightweight and performance optimized application for robot learning built on the Isaac Sim platform.

NVIDIA’s physics simulation environment for reinforcement learning research.

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Isaac Gym features include:

  • Support for importing URDF and MJCF files with automatic convex decomposition of imported 3D meshes for physical simulation
  • GPU accelerated tensor API for evaluating environment state and applying actions
  • Support for a variety of environment sensors - position, velocity, force, torque, etc
  • Runtime domain randomization of physics parameters
  • Jacobian / inverse kinematics support

Isaac Gym Preview 4 Release:

  • This release aligns the PhysX implementation in standalone Preview Isaac Gym with Omniverse Isaac Sim 2022.1 to simplify migration to Omniverse for RL workloads
  • Added support for SDF collisions with a nut & bolt example
  • Additional Factory RL samples available in the repository.
  • Enabled gyroscopic forces by default to improve simulation
  • Allowing customizing rest_offset and contact_offset per asset and per individual shape.
  • Added parsing of spherical (ball) joints support in URDF importer
  • Various bug fixes for elastic collision behavior, resetting fixed base actors, friction randomization, and friction mode settings

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