The GameWorks: Materials & Textures service ran from March 2017 through August 2019. The goal of GWMT was to showcase several deep learning based techniques developed by NVIDIA. The GWMT services has now been retired but lives on in spirit with NVIDIA NGX.

Deep Learning for Art & Games

NVIDIA thanks all the GWMT users and especially those who provided feedback on the site and services. The level of interest in GWMT was tremendous and helped flame the enthusiasm of NVIDIA's engineers and researchers. Over the years, research on new deep learning tools and techniques has flourished with demos such as GauGAN showing the types of packages we can expect from deep learning features in the future.

For those looking for deep learning based tools and libraries, please now refer to the NVIDIA NGX site. Through NGX, NVIDIA provides access to productized deep learning research in the form of libraries that can be integrated directly in to applications. Each NGX feature also includes a sample application or simple command line utility to help users try them out.


Deep learning powered libraries ready for direct integration.