The GPU Deployment Kit (previously known as the Tesla Deployment Kit) is a set of tools provided for the NVIDIA Tesla™, GRID™ and Quadro™ GPUs. They aim to empower users to better manage their NVIDIA GPUs by providing a broad range of functionality. It is supported on Windows 7 (64-bit), WinServer 2008 R2 (64-bit) and Linux (32-bit and 64-bit).

The current distribution of the kit contains:

Current version is compatible with the latest released drivers, and also works with drivers available with the latest release, see the CUDA Download Home page for more details.

Latest Production Release:

The GPU Deployment Kit is part of the CUDA Toolkit, in versions 8 and later, and is no longer available as a separate download.

Should you require the previous version please follow these links:

For more product details and specifications please visit The GPU Deployment Online Documentation.


For additional information visit NVIDIA Management Library (NVML) product page.