Computational geometry engines play a pivotal role in advanced Graphical Information Systems (GIS), integrated circuit design (EDA), computer vision, and motion planning solutions. Visualization and analysis of ever increasing amounts of data requires a computational foundation that can meet the challenge with flexible algorithms that are optimized for high performance GPU processing. Fixstars' Geometric Performance Primitives (GPP) library is perhaps the only computational geometry engine that's optimized for massive parallelization with accelerated NVIDIA GPU technology. This gives GPP incredible speed and the ability to process truly enormous datasets.

Key Features

  • High performance with accelerated GPU parallelization
  • Robust functions based on cutting-edge algorithms
  • Up to 25 times faster performance than reference CPUs with reduced memory footprint


GPP is available now through Fixstars Solutions Inc.  For more information, please contact:

Scott Frankel, Director of Solutions

Or contact fixstars online:

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