Gamers can transform nearly any laptop, desktop, or Android device into a high-powered gaming PC with GeForce NOW. Developers can seamlessly add the power of GeForce NOW cloud gaming to their ecosystem with GeForce NOW SDK: a set of APIs, components, and tools facilitating the simple integration and configuration required.

  • Integrate Into Your Launcher: Uses your existing digital store for the simplest and easiest experience for end users. It offers users the option to stream a game in their library - even on underpowered devices and all major operating systems - from inside the application they are already familiar with.
  • Test Your Game: Guarantee that gameplay and behavior from the cloud is the same amazing experience on launch day that users would have locally.


  • Single Sign-On: By linking publisher's credentials to GeForce NOW's, a user leverages the same familiar experience to get to their games without the added friction of another login.
  • Play Without Game Installation: With GeForce NOW integrated directly the launcher, user can play from the cloud without the inconvenience of downloading and installing the game locally.
  • Launch In Seconds: SDK integration optimizes the overhead of prepping the game for each launch, dramatically speeding up launch time.
  • GeForce Gaming Anywhere: Cloud gaming provides beautifully rendered gameplay on nearly any device, including underpowered PCs, macOS systems, and Android phones.
  • Always Up To Date: The game waiting in the cloud is always the latest version. A publisher manages which game build is deployed in the cloud via the SDK tools - eliminating the user's need to download frequent, large patches before they play.
  • Robust Gaming: Debugging and logging tools enable developers to directly test games in the cloud, before or after release, including the collection of logs and telemetry.
  • Regional Awareness: With insights from the SDK, games always show the correct regional content, regardless of where the cloud gaming server resides.


Use the GeForce NOW SDK to link accounts and hook the streaming trigger directly to your UI. This enables gamers to start and play a game from the cloud using the same launcher experience they normally use, without the need for extra screens.

Example flow applied to a fictional TAKE FLIGHT game launcher application (for illustration). Actual UI and integration points depend on the specifics of your launcher.


Coming soon, the SDK program will provide a developer with preferred access to game seats and the ability to upload a game (independent of integrating the SDK) to test streaming gameplay.



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Note: You will need to have a GitHub account in order to access the link once approved.