Jetson for AI Education

NVIDIA Jetson is the world’s leading embedded AI computing platform. Its high-performance, low-power computing for deep learning and computer vision gives you a powerful platform for building software-defined autonomous machines. Jetson is also the perfect tool for you to introduce AI to your students and teach them popular machine learning frameworks like PyTorch and TensorFlow.

Getting Started

Ready to get started with teaching AI? We recommend that you take the Jetson AI Ambassador Certification, which will get you ready to teach AI principles to your students. Then, use Jetbot, our ready-to-use AI robot kit, and open source university courses and projects to create a hands-on AI curriculum for your students.

Jetson AI Ambassador Certification

Ready-to-Use AI Robot Kits

Academic Hardware Grant Program

Get trained and certified to teach Jetson-based AI at your school or university.


The open-source JetBot AI robot platform offers everything students need to build creative, fun, smart AI applications.


This program is for teachers or administrators at a college, university, primary/secondary school, or non-profit STEM organization as well as faculty or PhD student researchers at a university or research institute.


Jetson-based University Curriculum and Courses

NVIDIA Jetson has been used in open-source university courses and community projects for years. You can use these existing materials or collaborate with their creators to build on them for your specific needs.

NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) Teaching Kit program offers an Edge AI and Robotics Teaching Kit that is freely available for educators as an open-source package to integrate into their courses and curricula. This kit was built as a collaborative effort between NVIDIA experts, a team from the University of Oxford, and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) and includes lecture slides, hands-on labs, and other materials.


Duckietown, started as a class at MIT in 2016, develops robotics platforms and curricula for higher education. Classes have been offered at over 80 universities including ETH Zürich and Université de Montréal (MILA).

Duckietown Curriculum

The Duckietown ecosystem includes everything you need to teach an undergraduate or graduate-level class on AI and robotics, now powered by NVIDIA Jetson Nano — from a modular DIY hardware smart city environment with autonomous driving car kits, to open-source software, to weekly lecture materials.


Duckietown edX Online Course

Duckietown will also offer a free online course on edX with new NVIDIA Jetson powered Duckiebots. Highlight of this course is learning autonomy hands-on with the Duckietown platform, supported by the Duckietown Autolab remote lab infrastructure and the possibility to experiment with real robots at home.


Founded at the University of Pennsylvania, F1TENTH is a fast-paced and flexible course that teaches the foundations of autonomy such as perception, planning, and control.

F1TENTH has a growing community of over 60 universities, 7 international autonomous racing competitions, and hands-on course offerings in over a dozen institutions.


The Multi-agent System for non-Holonomic Racing (MuSHR)—designed at the University of Washington's Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering—is an open-source robotic hardware and software platform for learning AI.

MuSHR’s ready-to-go labs and assignments, as well as sample curricula and slides, provide a starting point for teaching mobile robotics in higher education.


As the feature vehicle of the Quanser Self-Driving Car Research Studio, the QCar is an open-architecture autonomous vehicle designed for academic teaching and research.

Powered by an NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2 supercomputer, the sensor-rich QCar supports a variety of software and APIs including MATLAB®/Simulink®, Python, ROS, and TensorFlow. Working individually or in a fleet, it is the ideal vehicle for exploring artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts in the classroom.


Jetson Community Open-Source Projects

Our community has created open-source projects that cover topics such as IoT, robotics, home automation, and more. Each project comes with code, video demonstration, and explainer blogs for you to use in your classroom.


News and Resources

Jetson for AI Education

Watch this on-demand webinar about Jetson for AI Education with Dustin Franklin, Developer Evangelist at NVIDIA and Jacopo Tani, Senior Research Scientist at ETH Zurich and Founder and CEO of Duckietown.


Jetson AI Ambassadors Bringing AI to a New Generation of Students and Developers

Educators are bringing hands-on AI to their classrooms with the Jetson edge AI platform.


Hands-On Deep Learning Robotics Curriculum in High Schools with Jetson Nano

NVIDIA's Jetson AI Ambassador, David Tseng discusses how to implement fundamental deep learning and robotics in high schools with Jetson Nano developer kit. If you're interested in AI education, you'll learn how to get the most from NVIDIA Jetson Nano developer kit and DLI courses.


Japan’s University of Aizu Uses NVIDIA Jetson to Nurture AI and Robotics Talent

University of Aizu, a premier computer science and engineering institution in Japan, conducted a two-week intensive learning program based on the NVIDIA Jetson Nano edge AI platform and Jetson AI Certification.