DRIVE OS QNX PDK Docker Containers

Images Available in This Release

The following images will be available on NGC in this release.

 File Name     Intent  
drive-agx-orin-qnx-aarch64-pdk-build-x86:latest    Build and Flash DRIVE OS QNX PDK  

Pull Docker Images from NGC

On the host system, pull the image using the following command:

sudo docker pull${MY_NGC_ORG}/driveos-pdk/drive-agx-orin-qnx-aarch64-pdk-build-x86:latest

Start the Docker Container

  • Log on to the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC). If you need to download a Docker image, use the procedures in the NVIDIA GPU Cloud Access section of this installation guide.

  • Start the Docker container with the following command on the host system:

    sudo docker run -it --privileged --net=host -v /dev/bus/usb:/dev/bus/usb -v <path/to/sdp>:/sdp -v <path/to/license>:/root/.qnx -e 
    QNX_TOP=/drive/drive-qnx/ -e 
    QNX_BASE=/sdp -e 
    QNX_TARGET=/sdp/target/qnx7 -e 
    QNX_HOST=/sdp/host/linux/x86_64 -e TEGRA_TOP=/drive/drive-foundation             ${MY_NGC_ORG}/driveos-pdk/drive-agx-orin-qnx-aarch64-pdk-build-x86:latest

Browse DRIVE OS Documentation

The DRIVE OS Developer Guide can be browsed from within Docker. To do so, start the Docker container using the instructions above for running DRIVE OS Docker.

Once in the container, execute the following to start the documentation server.

# start-docs-server

This will start a lightweight HTTP server on port 65535 by default. If the port is not available, you can configure the process to start on a different port. The below example will attempt to use port 49350 for the HTTP server, if it is available.

# start-docs-server 49350

Once the server starts, use your preferred browser to access the docs by visiting http://localhost:65535 (replacing 65535 with your specified port, if different). If you have started the container on a remote machine, you will need to use the remote IP as opposed to localhost.

The process can be stopped with CTRL+C.