Benchmarking Library

This page captures the documentation about the NvPlayfair benchmarking helper library.

NvPlayfair benchmarking library provides helper methods to NVIDIA DRIVE® OS benchmarks to facilitate various benchmarking related operations such as timestamping, data recording, rate-limiting, and report generation.

In NVIDIA DRIVE OS SDKs, the following components are provided for the benchmarking library:

  • nvplayfair.h: The header file contains definitions of the public interfaces and data-structures of the benchmarking library. It can facilitate recompilation of benchmarks in the SDK, which make use of the library. The header file is present in the "include" folder in the SDK installation directory.
  • The library itself is distributed as a compiled shared object file. After the relevant Debian package is installed and the file system is rebuilt, the library can be found in the lib-target folder in the SDK installation directory and it is automatically copied to the /usr/lib location in the target file system during flashing.