Managing Mass Storage Partitions in Virtualization

Virtualization enables managing independent partitions. It supports independent flashing, loading, and restarting of individual VM partitions.

You can enable this feature for individual partitions using the Partition Configuration Table (PCT) by setting a load_using_pl flag in your partition configuration.

If this flag is not enabled for a partition, then during the binding step all partition images are combined into a single bootable image with Hypervisor and other Foundation components. This image gets loaded into memory at once during system boot and reloading or rebooting such a partition at runtime is not possible.

Enabling the load_using_pl flag for a partition specifies that the system:

  • Stores partition images independently (boot loader, OS kernel, file system)
  • Enables independent flashing of partition images
  • Requires the Partition Loader to load and execute partition boot images
  • Enables partition restarting