Set Up Docker and NVIDIA GPU Cloud Access

Note: The minimum required version of Docker Engine to run DRIVE OS Linux Docker containers is 19.03.    
  • On the host system, download the type of Docker software needed for your organization (Enterprise, Desktop, or other) from

  • Alternatively, download an installation script from and install DRIVE OS Docker on your host system with a command similar to the following:

    wget -qO- | ${SHELL}

Sign in to NVIDIA GPU Cloud

Note: Please make sure you’ve received the NGC activation email and successfully activated your NGC Organization(s) and NGC Team(s) before proceeding.    
  1. On the host system, sign into NGC ( using your NVIDIA Developer credentials.

  2. Once you have signed in, select your NGC Organization (for NVIDIA Developer Users, this will be drive). DRIVE OS Docker Containers are located under PRIVATE REGISTRY.

  3. Once signed in, select Setup under the User menu in the top-right of the page to Generate an API Key to pull Docker images.

    For more information, see:

    Note: Using NVIDIA GPU Cloud is beyond the scope of this document. Please refer to the NVIDIA GPU Cloud documentation for more information.    
  4. Log in to the NGC container registry.

    sudo docker login
  5. When prompted for your username, enter the following text:


    The $oauthtoken username is a special username that indicates that you will authenticate with an API key, not a username and password.

  6. When prompted for your password, enter your NGC API key as shown in the following example:

    Username: $oauthtoken 
    Password: my-api-key

    See Docker Login documentation for more information on login methods.

After you log in, you have access to NVIDIA DRIVE OS Docker images, depending on your specific permissions in the registry.