NVIDIA GPUDirect for Video SDK

NVIDIA GPUDirect for Video technology allows 3rd party hardware to communicate directly with NVIDIA GPUs. By taking advantage of this API, the historical issues of introducing too much delay or latency are gone. With NVIDIA GPUDirect for Video, devices are fully synchronized and the CPU doesn’t waste cycles copying data between device drivers. This flexible API gives full control to 3rd party hardware to stream video to and from the GPU at Sub-Frame transfer times. By allowing industry leading 3rd party hardware design companies to access the power of NVIDIA Quadro GPUs directly and openly for graphics or parallel processing, the limits of what’s possible using workstations in real-time video production is being redefined. Learn more

This program is catered specifically to 3rd party video I/O hardware manufacturers.
Application developers should access GPUDirect for Video through partner SDKs of hardware vendors.

If you are a Video I/O hardware manufacturer, click on the "Join now" button to sign up for access. If you are aleady a member of NVIDIA Developer Zone, please ensure you are logged in, prior to continuing. As part of the program, you will access to the latest software releases and receive notifications about this and other related NVIDIA products and technologies.

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