This page has online courses to help you get started programming or teaching CUDA as well as links to Universities teaching CUDA.

This page organized into three sections to get you started

Introductory CUDA Technical Training Courses

CUDAcasts - See our video section for links to youtube

Follow this link for additional GPU Computing Online Seminars

CUDA University Courses

University of Illinois : Current Course: ECE408/CS483
Taught by Professor Wen-mei W. Hwu and David Kirk, NVIDIA CUDA Scientist.

These classes are each downloadable CUDAcasts with video pre-scaled to be compatible with major players.

All PowerPoint class presentations can be found on the Fall 2014 webpage: ECE408/CS483

Stanford University: CS193G
Taught by Jared Hoberock and David Tarjan

CS193G Assignments
CS193G Tutorials

UC Davis: EE171, Parallel Computer Architecture
Taught by John Owens, Associate Professor

University of Wisconsin, Madison: ME964,High Performance Computing for Engineering Applications
Taught by Dan Negrut, Assistant Professor

University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNCC): SIGCSE 2011 Workshop:  General purpose computing using GPUs:  Developing a hands on undergraduate course on CUDA programming work
Taught by Barry Wilkinson & Yaohang Li

ITCS 6010/8010 Topics in Computer Science: GPU Programming for High Performance Computing (CUDA programming)
Taught by Barry Wilkinson


Universities teaching CUDA where you can apply to enroll or register for courses.

CUDA Seminars and Tutorials

Dr Dobbs Article Series