NVIDIA Converged Accelerator Developer Kit

NVIDIA® converged accelerators, A100X and A30X, combine the power of the NVIDIA Ampere architecture with the enhanced security and networking capabilities of the NVIDIA BlueField®-2 data processing unit (DPU), all in a single high-performance package. This advanced architecture delivers unprecedented performance and strong security for AI-powered workloads in edge computing, telecommunications, and network security.

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NVIDIA A100X Converged Card

Key Benefits


Better Performance

By connecting the NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPU and the BlueField-2 DPU, a dedicated path for data transfer is established between the GPU and the network. This eliminates performance bottlenecks of data going through the host CPU.


Enhanced Security

The convergence of NVIDIA’s GPU and DPU creates a more secure AI processing engine, where data generated at the edge can be sent across the network fully encrypted without traveling over the server PCIe bus, ensuring it’s protected end to end.


Smarter Networking

The architecture of the NVIDIA converged cards allows GPU processing to be applied directly to traffic as it flows to and from the DPU. This enables a whole new class of applications that involve AI-based networking and security, such as data leak detection, network performance optimization and prediction, and more.


Cost Savings

Because the GPU, DPU, and PCIe switch are combined together on a single card, customers can leverage mainstream servers to perform tasks previously only possible with high-end or purpose-built systems. Even edge servers can benefit from the same performance boost that is more typically found in specialized systems.

What’s Included?

  • Access to an A30X Converged Accelerator
  • NVIDIA Converged Accelerator capability documentation
  • Sample applications that demonstrate how to write applications that combine the GPU accelerated CUDA libraries and the BlueField DPU accelerated DOCA libraries

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