Made available on August 29th, the latest NVIDIA SHIELD Software Update 59 adds support for Tegra developer tools, CPU sampling profiler (Tegra Profiler) and GPU analysis (PerfHUD ES), solidifying SHIELD’s position as the premiere platform for Android gaming and graphics development. Future OTA updates to SHIELD will continue to improve support for these tools.

Download and install the latest NVIDIA SHIELD software update by going to Settings -> About SHIELD -> System updates on your NVIDIA SHIELD.

With this OTA update, the NVIDIA SHIELD now fully supports all tools included in the latest Tegra Android Development Pack, starting with the 2.0r5 release. Download the latest version at Tegra Resources.

To get started on developing on NVIDIA SHIELD, head over to HOW TO: Getting Started on SHIELD development for detailed instructions on setting up your development environment and installing the tools neccessary to develop apps for NVIDIA SHIELD.

Learn more about the NVIDIA SHIELD Software Update 59 here.

-- NVIDIA Developer Tools Team