Version 1.2 brings a new platform, new samples, and full source on GitHub!

The NVIDIA GameWorks Graphics and Compute Samples for OpenGL version 1.2 are now available. The new samples in version 1.2 include:

  • Two OpenGL Compute Shader samples that demonstrate compute/graphics interoperation generating particles and surfaces.
  • Full-scene antialiasing via FXAA.
  • High Dynamic Range rendering with tonemapping and multiple “flare” methods.
  • Rendering optimization methods from the recent “Approaching Zero Driver Overhead” (“AZDO”) conference presentations.
  • Soft shadows including a range of penumbra-generating filtering options.

The OpenGL samples work on a wide range of platforms, all supported from a single source code base. This is made possible by our cross-platform samples framework, which is designed to wrap the basics of GL context creation, event handling, and other secondary platform features without hiding or genericizing any of the OpenGL code. As of version 1.2, the supported platforms include:

In addition to making the samples available on the existing NVIDIA GameWorks developer site and the coming release of the Tegra Android Development Pack, the samples are now available as searchable and cloneable source on GitHub. The full source and assets are available on the NVIDIA GameWorks GitHub site; future releases and updates will be posted there as well.

In the next few weeks, the Direct3D samples will be updated to the NVIDIA GameWorks GitHub site, followed by a new version of our Android gaming samples later this summer. We expect the GitHub site to be an active source for developer example code, including OpenGL, Direct3D, Android APIs and best practices.