• Adobe Photoshop CS6 and 5.1 support
  • Updated installer for silent installs
  • Bug fix for using DDS plugin in Corel PaintShopPro.
  • Bug fix for mipster script that add unnecessary pixel.
  • Bug fix for exporting DXT1 that creates alpha channels and DXT1A that does not create alpha channel.
  • Bug fix in loading of cubemap with mipmaps.
  • Bug fix in loading cubemap when alpha map is black on the 6th face.
  • Bug fix in 4x4 alpha encoding.
  • Bug fix in production, highest quality selection.

File Description Size
Photoshop_Plugins_8.55.0109.1800.exe NVIDIA's Adobe Photoshop plugin with tools for manipulating Normal Maps and DDS textures. 16.32 MB